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Sun/Bank Holidays
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Irish Rosettes Pet Shop
(Fingal Pet Supplies)
Co. Dublin

Tel: 353 1 843 7009
Tel/Fax: 353 1 843 7511 




Versele-Laga, Mariman, Brosmolen, Natural, Bucktons.

Spray, Glucose & Vitamines, Form-Oil (10 in 1), Form-Mix, Tea, Moulting seeds, Aminovital, Supervit, Mucus Powder, Loft Whit, Mineral Mix,
Recup-Lyt, Supra Elixir, Optimal Star 25, Ideal-Bloc + Pickstone, Vita, Fabry Super Forma Tablets.

Gem Products

Gem-Thepax, Srike, Trikanox, Impact, Electro B, Aqua Guard, Breathe-Ezz, The Matrix.

Combi Mix, Glucovit, Bio-Extract (Garlic Juice), Carine, Bio-Carni, Pickstone, Mixed Grit, Red Grit, Vita, plus many more products.

Hormorform, Pigeon Loft, Treatment, Duramitex, Coxid, Spartrix, Appertex

Stock Nutrition
Garlic Plus

Ad-Herb, Hemp Oil

Pigeon Grit, Minerals

Naturavit, Garlic Oil, Naturaline, Vitaminor (Brewers Yeast), Eletrolite, Red Stone, Picking Stone, Pik Pot, Vitamineral (Pink Mineral), Nutrio-power

Other Products
Wormer, Pure linseed Oil, cooke B12 Pink mineral,
Ideal Bath Salts, Wheatgerm Oil, Old-hand products such as One Eye Cold and Going Light, and various pigeon treatments.


Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Friskies Go-Cat, Bento Kronen, Purina, Omega, Whiskas, Lara Menu.

Sandicat, Beauticat, Cofey Pet, Glenkrag, Cat's Best

Hair Ball Remedy, Travel Eze, Diarrhoea Tablets, Tear Stain Cleanser, Eardrops

Shampoos and Disinfectants


Other cat products include:
Easy to use wormer granules, Cat nip leaves and blossoms.


Range of Coldwater Fish Available

Aquarian, Nutrafin, King British, Interpet, Sanyu, Supa, San Francisco, Hikari, 3 & 7 Day Feeding Block

Frozen Foods
Bloodworm, Brine Shrimp, Plankton, Emerald Entre and Saltwater Multipacks, Krill

Protozin, Tropiflora, Milluzin

(A.P.I) Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Stress coat, Stress Zyme, Amo Lock 2, Accu-Clear, Acquarium Salt, Proper PH

Other Products
Nitra-Zorb, WS3 White Spot Treatment, Interpet Liquid Fry, Goldfish Ammonia Remover, Interpet Fish Safe, Interpet Tap Safe, Interpet Disease Safe, Supa Oxygenating Tablets, Tonic Salt, Clear Tank, Pure Laterite, Leaf Zone, Clean Water Bags, Tetra Aqua Safe, P.H. Propper, Wide Range of Test Kits

Fishbowl cleaner, Waste Control and others

Pond - Wide Range of Fish
Selection of Tetra Pond Fish Food
Fishlix Food
Pond Pride Products
Waterlife Products such as Myxanzip
Pond Water Testing Kits
Barley Straw Products


Wild Bird Food
Fat Balls

Large Selection of Haiths & Versele-Laga Seeds

Canary, Plain Canary, Haiths Super Canary, Budgie, Haiths Budgie Tonic, Haiths Condition Seed, Haiths Easysoak, Greenfinch, Mix, Goldfinch & Siskin, British Breeding, Siskin Mix, Parrot Food, Foreign Finch, Panicum Millet, White Millet, Japanese Millet, Niger, Striped Sunflower, White Sunflower, Perilla, Haiths Teazle, Haiths Bluemaw, Haiths Kraker Tonic, Mineralised Grit, Oystershell Grit, Red Rape, Black Rape

Plume Spray, Anti-Pek Spray, Insect Spray, Rid-Mite, Iodised Condition Peks, Honey Bars, Fruit Sticks

Aviform – Avigold
Trigene - Disinfectant
Orlux - Eggfood Dry (Canary), Eggfood Native Birds
Ce De – Eggfood, Multivitamins, Pearl Sand

Other Products
Goldchip floor dressing, cuttlefish bones, millet sprays etc.


We have a wide range of Dog Foods & Treats

Dog Foods
Eukanuba, Bento Kronen, Vitalin, Iams, Omega, Purina, Pedro, Feedwell, Febo, Red Mills, Pedigree Chum, Beta, Blue Ribbon, Brandy, Clinivet

Tinned Food
Pedigree Chum, Bento Kronen, Brandy Value Packs, Pedro

Dog Supplements
Vetzyme, Johnsons, FRA Boost, Vitapet, M&C

Pedigree Treats
Schmakos, Rasks, Lean Meat Treats, Jumbone, Chewy Bars, Gravy Bones, Markies

Knuckle Bones, Raw Hide Chews, Pigs Ears, Munchie Rolls, Bonio, Mixed Ovals plus a variety of new treats as they arrive on the market.

Meaty Crunch Treats, Energy Stars

Hamster, Rabbit, Guinea Pig
Large range of Foods and Treats available
Supplements – Opti-Vit (Vitamin), Pro-Digest, C-Vit (Guinea Pigs)