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Irish Rosettes Pet Shop
(Fingal Pet Supplies)
Co. Dublin

Tel: 353 1 843 7009
Tel/Fax: 353 1 843 7511 


A selection of baths, perches, Fronts & Grills are available.

10 Bird Basket, 15 Bird Basket, 20 Bird Basket with Divider

1 Litre, 2 Litre, 7 Litre Fountain Drinkers, Plastic Trough for Beskets, White Drinker Small (12), White Drinker Large, Corner Drinkers

Wooden Feeders, Feeders with Wire Dividers, Plastic Grit Feeders, Galvanised Feeders, Nestbox Cup, Stone Gallypots, Plastic Gallypots

Floor Scrapers (20, 25, 30, 35cm), hand scrapers (15, 20, 25, 30cm), Triangular Scraper

Loft Louvers (plastic), Bobbins (Long & Short), Nest Pads (pack 10), Tobacco Stalks, Clay Nest Bowls, Dandy Nest Bowls, Plain Colour Rings, Numbered Rings (bag of 25), Bento Kronen Buckets with Lids



Cages & Drinkers
Wide range of Bird Cages, Bird Toys (mirrors, ladders, Baths), Cage Clips, Hagen Water Fountain and Feeders, Fop Cage Feeders and Drinkers, Fop Cage Perches, Avery Feeders & Drinkers, Sand Paper for Cages

Seed Hoppers, Nest Pans, Jam Jar Feeders, Round Food Drawer, Finger Feeders, Glass Show Cage Feeders, Perches, Nesting Material, Nesting Pads, Dummy Canary Eggs, Wire Hooked Drinkers, Small Bird Baths, Large Bird/Avery Baths

A selection of Wild Bird Tables, Feeders for Wild Bird Food & Peanuts are available



Collars, Leads, Dishes, Beds
Leads, Leather Collars, Nylon Collar, Choke Chains, Slip Leads, Haltis, Nylon Muzzles, Retractable Leads, Box Muzzles, Dog Coats, Portable Water Dispenser, Identification Tags, Flea Collars, Plastic Dog Dishes, Stainless Steel Dishes, Dog Beds, Vet Beds, Wooden Dog Kennels

Grooming Accessories
Lawrence Tender Care Brushes, Original Sticker Brushes, Medium Comb, Course Comb, Moulting Comb, Undercoat Rake & Comb, Double Sided Brush, Nylon Bristle Brush, Matt & Tangle Splitters, Nail Clippers, Grooming Scissors, Thinning Scissors, Wahl Professional Clipper, Cordless Clippers & Hair Clipper Oil

Dog Shampoos, Flea Spray, Wormers, Vitamins and Ear & Eye Care
Sherleys, Johnsons, Trigene, Bob Martin, Vitapet, Vetzyme, Four Paws to mention a few

Training Aids
Mikki Training Discs, Dog Stop, Wee-wee pads, Get off my Garden Scatter Crystals, Four Paws Dog Repellent, Aboistop Anti-Bark Collar, Halti’s, Whistles, Tennis Ball Launcher, Training Dummies for Dogs & Puppies

Also a Large range of toys, Treats & Chews in stock as they come onto the market.



Large Range of Beds & Toys
Plastic & Stainless Steel Dishes
Cat Shampoo
Cat & Flea Collars
Identification Tags
Cat Spa
Cat Flaps
Cat Brushes



We supply a large range of Fish Tanks from; Juwel, Fluvel, Hagen, Rena, Clear Seal etc.

Coral Sand, Juwel Black Glass Gravel, Dorset Pea Gravel, Mixed Moonglow Gravel plus many more.

Filters, Heaters, Air Pumps
Under Gravel Filters, Fluval, Hydor, Micron, Clear-Jet, NewAir, Jewel, Rena, Interpet, Range of Powerheads



Range of Air Stones, Air Curtains, Filter Sponges, Gravel Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Fish nets, Cable Tidys, Light Controller Units, Tropical & Coldwater Bulbs, Planting Stones, Breeding Traps, Automatic 14 Day Feeders, Aquarium Backgrounds

We also stock Plastic Plants, and Ornaments.

Hamster, Rabbit & Guinea Pig
Bedding – Barley Straw, Hay, Oathusk, Comfey Bedding (Cotton)
Selection of Hamster & Guinea Pig Cages
Outdoor Huts, Porcelain Dishes, Water Bottles, Rabbit Brushes

Pond liners, pumps, filters & U.V Sterilisers, Pond Paint, Nets & Lights